The questions are starting to come think and fast in our house!

  • Do you think I could ask Santa for….?”
  • Who’s coming for Christmas dinner?
  • Does Santa come to dogs?
  • How much should I spend on Uncle Patrick’s present?

And, as you can imagine my answers are a mixture of :

  • “Not a chance!”
  • “Are you serious?” &
  • “I don’t know”…  :-)


But the one thing I have noticed is that thanks to the X-Tra Wonga Chores board, our kids have learnt a lot about cash in recent months…what it takes to earn it, how savings can build and how quickly dollars disappear if you don’t control them!

As a result, they’re very open to making gifts for their god-parents this year, so I thought I’d hunt out some inspiration for home made crafts and edibles that would appeal to both boys and girls…whatever their age!


handprint-wreath5_01 A Very Handy Wreath!

First up is this really simple holiday wreath from Abbey Rodriquez at Parenting. It won’t matter if you’re ‘arty’ or not…with this all you have to do is cut out multiple handprints and then arrange them in a circle.

Just don’t forget to get the kids to sign and date their finished masterpiece!




 Edible Christmas Trees

You don’t have to be a great baker to make these fabulous Christmas Tree Brownies from One Little Project…you can simply buy a store brownie mix and frosting, and then decorate till your hearts content!



diy-christmas-wreath-crop3 Ho Ho Hula!

No matter how many times I try to hula hoop I still can’t get it, so this is my revenge! Who would have thought you could use a hula hoop to create a really great, and BIG, holiday decoration!

This one from Homemade Ginger is quite tasteful…I just know ours is going to look like tinsel and holly had an epic fight, but bring it on!


seed-ornaments-94 Sweets For The Tweets

I can see this one being wrapped up for aunts, uncles and teachers alike! Homemade bird seed ornaments bring a smile to any recipients face.

This recipe from Saltwater Kids is one of the nicest I’ve found.



diy-jewelry-holder-from-cutlery-tray-by-the-diy-mommy-1-667x10005 What Could You Do With A Cutlery Drawer?

If you (and the kids) are feeling a little more adventurous then check out this idea for a jewelry hanger from The DIY Mommy.

I know of quite a few ladies that could really do with one of these…myself included!



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